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The New Green Skin for Architecture and Design

About Bobo Tiles

This new product will revolutionize the Interior Design, Architectural and Building industries in Canada.

Bobo tile is "The New Green Skin"(Green Print) for Architecture and Interior Design. Our Porcelabobo Slim Porcelain tiles are technologically innovative, large plate tile sheets which are fire-proof, moisture-proof, light weight, extremely durable and environmentally friendly, while possessing extravagant quality and fashionable style. Bobo tile, by weighing up to 1/3 less than traditional ceramic and stone, realizes savings of up to 60%of raw material resources while reducing energy consumption by up to 50%.

Porcelabobo Slim Porcelain tiles are going to be the revolutionary replacement for traditional tile and cladding materials; our thin. durable, lightweight, large sheet Bobo tiles are going to be the trend in the custom home building.

At 4.8mm thin Bobo tiles are perfect for any installation whether it is interior or exterior... residential, multi family or commercial.